Sacred Sites of Ireland

Visualising yourself there!  Want to visit Ireland, but haven’t had the chance yet?  Perhaps you’ve already been and would like to be reminded of the amazing powerful energy of our Sacred Sites.   Listen to a Sacred Sites guided meditation to be instantly transported to the ancient Ireland of myth and legend.  And when you decide to make that trip of a lifetime, Sacred Sites also provides Celtic Spirituality workshops and tours at the Hill of Tara, Uisneach and Loughcrew.  See Spiritual Tours for details.  Treasa


Spring Equinox Sunrise at Loughcrew cairns

Sacred Sites is a series of guided meditations from Sacred Sites of Ireland.  Currently available are the Hill of Tara, Uisneach and Loughcrew.  You can purchase them here both as CDs and as MP3 downloads.

Ancient Walkway

Ancient Walkway, Ancient Palace, Hill of Uisneach

Sacred Sites provides Celtic Spirituality Workshops and Guided Tours at Uisneach, Loughcrew and the Hill of Tara.  See Spiritual Tours for more information.

Hill of Tara

Lia Fail, Hill of Tara, Co. Meath

Transporting you to the ancient Ireland of myth and legend through a unique blend of creativity and landscape, using guided meditation and visualisation from Irish heritage sites.


SacredSitesRTMLogoMediumSacred Sites has a number of interesting categories and topics; beautiful photographs of Sacred Sites in Ireland, including The Hill of Tara, Uisneach, Glendalough, Aideen’s Grave and Loughcrew. Bard’s Corner where anyone can add their poems and stories, Haunted Ireland for ghost stories and Haunted Sites. 

There’s also my Blog, where you’ll find posts about places I’ve visited and events happening around the country.  To view any of these, simply click on the tabs above.   More content will be added and updated regularly.   Thank you for your interest in Sacred Sites.  Treasa


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Sacred Sites of Ireland: Uisneach (feat. Máire Ní Cheallaigh)

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