Gravedigger’s Pub


Four members of the Haunted Sites Team, Helen, Patrick, Treasa and Vincent visited the Gravedigger’s Pub in Glasnevin on Holy Thursday night / early hours of Good Friday morning.  Many thanks to the Kavanagh family for their hospitality welcoming us to the premises.  The Gravediggers Pub is nearly two hundred years old and the wall of the pub is shared with the famous Glasnevin cemetery.

We had a brilliant night, we took lots of photographs and there was plenty of orb activity in them.  Vincent used the audio recording equipment and we should have the recordings analysed and back next weekend hopefully.

Both myself and Helen saw a small white dog in the bar and when I was sitting in the far left corner of the bar I asked spirit to make contact and try move the trigger objects in the room.  I felt as if someone had touched me and the batteries Vincent had placed on the bar fell over and rolled in two different directions, one going straight and landing on one trigger object and the other battery rolling right around the corner of the bar to land against the other trigger object that had been placed there.  There were three witness to this, myself, Vincent and Eugene and nobody was near the batteries at the time.

The EVP sensor only went off once, when we were talking to spirit using the planchette and we asked if they could make contact.  There were two main spirits that came through and were very helpful, answering lots of questions.

We had a brilliant night and Eugene was wonderful, telling us lots of interesting historical facts about the pub and the time flew by.  Definitely well worth a visit!

Some Orb Photographs from the Gravediggers Pub


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