“This series represents a rich confection of folklore, myth, legend, archaeology and spirituality. I have rarely if ever before come across a medium in which the character and atmosphere of physical places are blended so well with those of the changing seasons, and with medieval myth and legend, enduring folk tradition, and the spiritual needs of the listener, all bonded by effective techniques of guided visualisation and of journeying in spirit. Anyone who loves Ireland ought to do so the more with Treasa Kerrigan as a companion.”

Prof. Ronald Hutton


“Treasa Kerrigan’s Samhain guided meditation cd is a powerful and insightful wonder to behold. I thoroughly enjoyed travelling with her richly toned voice and powerful drumming  from Rathcroghan to the Hills of Ward and Tara to meet the Goddesses Morrigan, Tlachtga and Teamhair. These profound Sacred Sites and their connection to Samhain, the Celtic New Year are beautifully described and the atmosphere she creates moves the listener’s heart. I can’t recommend this enough.”

Karen Ward – Slí an Chroí Shamanism


“I highly recommend Treasa Kerrigan’s “Samhain Meditation” The “Introduction” is amazing as she shares the thrilling Old Tales that stir our blood with memories of the ancestors. Treasa is a wonderful guide – you can feel thef love and compassion with which she keeps us safe as we travel through the worlds on her beautiful voice. Then in the final segment, we can join in from wherever we are on planet Earth with our own drumming, rattling, singing, flute playing – however we would like to participate in connecting with our ancestors and welcoming in the traditional Celtic New Year. Thank you, Treasa, for this incredible gift of connecting us to what truly matters!”

Raven Keyes


This is the first of the series of meditations I have experienced by Treasa Kerrigan. The meditation is set out very well. Beginning with a steady rhythm of a shamanic drum the body eases gently into the suggestion of the journey. The description of Loughcrew and the surrounding cairns brings a focus and personal touch lacking in many meditation cds. For me it brings a wonderful visual of this very sacred place that I have visited many times, I can only imagine this would be extremely useful for those who have never visited this site.

Meeting the ollamh fodhla in the journey was a wonderful experience, like an old wise friend with whom a release of any attachments is possible.

My personal favourite part of the journey was connecting with the white whispering stone. A sensuous description of the curves of the stone brings another dimension to the journey, and the senses become more engaged allowing for a deeper release and connection, to the land and the Cailleach.

Although the meditation is a specifically guided one, there are many times when the individual is allowed time to find their own personal understanding of the rock art, the surrounding site as well as the deity’s and ancestors involved. I enjoyed the balance of light and darkness throughout the journey, Treasa’s voice is well suited to guiding the individual on a journey, gentle and confident, it offers guidance and allows for space. I look forward to experiencing more of this series.

Áine-Máire Ní Mhurchú


I must admit to being quite ignorant of many of the amazing sacred sites of Ireland, but it is something I have made a decision to rectify in the past year, visiting the Hill of Tara, the Hill of Slane and Kells for the first time last summer. Although it was my first physical visit to Tara, I had journeyed there in ethereal once before to your guided meditation beneath the Destiny Stone on Tara, and it was amazing to finally stand on the sacred ground that held the stories of so much history on both sides of the Veil.
Now once again I ethereally travel with you, this time through your guided meditation to absorb the ancient Light encoded in the sacred stones and spirits in Loughcrew Cairns, a place of power and ceremony, a place to seek Healing and Wisdom.
Treasa, you have been chosen to give this wisdom an expression, a voice for Mother Earth that all may hear as she speaks through you, so these sacred mysteries are recorded and not forgotten and the knowledge that these places of ceremony still resonate with the active vibration of all that was, that can be, and still is.  And you serve her well!!
Your meditation guides, while upholding the integrity of the individual journey, you impose nothing as all good meditations should, for each connection with spirit is a personal one, one attuned to our individual resonance as every soul is sacred.
It is not by chance, that I journey through the Cairns of Loughcrew, or beneath the Destiny Stone on the Hill Of Tara, nor chance that you, a stranger then, gifted me a crystal skull that the Universal Light had told me would be gifted to me, nor by chance that by your sharing of information that we sat next to each other in a group in Ireland and experienced the awesome energy of one of the ancient Crystal Skulls ‘Synergy’and its keeper Sherry, who traveled here from Arizona.
And the catalyst in all of these experiences is you, and I am just one, one person who momentarily drifts in and out of contact with you, so never ever underestimate your light, for you are a true Light Walker.  Thank you Treasa!!!

Jenny Wilson  Crystal Healer


I have a couple of Treasa’s meditation cds & really like them all. This one is particularly interesting to me as Lough Crew is a very special & spiritual place I have always felt a deep connection with.  Treasa brings you on a beautiful journey through the Cairns.  It’s such a calming & intensely spiritual journey that allows you to reach a deep meditative state.
Treasa has a lovely soft voice that will gently guide you through the process to your inner planes in this ancient setting with a deep connection to our land, ancestors & Spirits. She really knows her stuff and has so much knowledge about the many Sacred Sites in Ireland.
I highly recommend this guided meditation to anyone at any level, particularly those with an interest in Irish Spirituality.
Anna Coote  FOI


Another beautiful grounding guided meditation Treasa, initially the drumming caught me but as I immersed myself into it,  your calming voice took me away to a forgotten time , which is always a pleasure in these modern times.  You can bring me an energy that I don’t always get with other meditations, have recommended this Loughcrew meditation to others.  Namaste .  PS….Keep them coming.

Mark Duffy


Hi Treasa, I’m just after doing your Uisneach meditation there and I’m telling you its so so powerful, I just had a powerful healing. I have been ill with a draining flu-like virus the past 3 weeks but have been under going a lot of deep transformational shamanic work myself guided by my spirit helpers. I just needed something extra.

Honest to God I’m not prone to exaggeration and am a very practical person but I looked in the mirror afterwards and I didn’t recognise myself! I look about 15 years younger and my eyes are big and bright and I’m shining!!

I actually have a strong connection to Uisneach so it felt right to do this meditation.

I really hope that more people find out about your CD Treasa. It’s very powerful. It just gave me that extra push into my power that I needed right now after releasing a lot of stuff lately. Thank you.

Lelia O’Shaughnessy


A few days ago I decided to listen to the Uisneach CD, I love fantasy journeys and I love Ireland’s myths. And then I heard Treasa’s calming voice guiding me up to the hill.  I closed my eyes and heard the birds singing, the wooden fire cracking, the wind blowing over the hill…. This fantastic experiment led me down to the grounds of earth and spirit.

I am going to Ireland each year for the last ten years and I can say I know the Emerald Isle well .  Some years ago I was alone at a Stone circle and suddenly there was something strange I felt, but there was no anxiety, only deep peace. And this feeling occurred again at the meditation. Tears were on my face, I felt deep emotions and after half an hour I was calmed and accepted what has happened to me. Treasa, thank you for this experience and the ongoing healing of heart and soul in this stressful world.

Dr. Ingrid Prunner –  Austria


I recently purchased the Guided Meditation from Uisneach and I love it. Treasa’s voice is gentle and the harp playing is heavenly! This guided meditation grounds you in the Earth and connects you to the divine. I have never been to the site in the meditation but I could see it. I could hear the birds singing and the wind gently caressing me.  This meditation is very much connected to the Celtic spirit and the Earth. I loved paying homage to those who have gone before me and the beauty of nature’s spirits. Giving thanks is so important. When it got to the part that invited the fae my whole body went into goose bumps which was an incredible experience and very exciting, You can’t fake goosebumps!! There is a chance to accept and let go of events from your past that have caused you to suffer and also a chance to listen to spirit. It is a nice long meditation so it is good for beginners who need the extended time in meditation but also good for those experienced among us who are looking for a deep experience. The senses are alive in this meditation as you are transported to another place. So much knowledge and wisdom has gone into this meditation, which ends with being reborn. This is a meditation of gratitude and reverence. I thoroughly recommend this meditation and look forward to trying others which can be purchased through the website. Thank you for the ongoing experience it is beautiful and healing.

Frances O’Neill  –  BMusEd –  Australia


God bless you, it’s wonderful.  I haven’t listened to the Hill of Tara CD yet because I’m listening to Uisneach every day.  The burning ash fire reminds me of when I was young and we used to have a turf fire, I would sit looking into the fire.  This CD has awoken dormant thoughts and sparked my imagination again.

I’ve listened many times and gotten great pleasure and great inspiration.  This is the history we should be teaching in our schools.  You must be really proud to be able to create something so wonderful.  Thank you.

Christy Brady – Nursing Home Resident, Citizen of North County Dublin.


Treasa has a very relaxing and calming voice. I found listening to the CD through ear phones got the best results. The meditation leaves you feeling positive, calm and uplifted. I have listened to a number of meditation CD’s & have to say that this is one of the best. Meditation and relaxation are now becoming mainstream methods of healing for their therapeutic benefits, recommended by many therapists, doctors & hospitals across Ireland, Europe and the world. Guided visualisations are perfect for meditating or just relaxing to. The CD includes many positive affirmations beneficial to the healing process.

Introduction – 8 mins 9 seconds.   A very informative talk on the meaning and background to the Hill of Uisneach. This first track talks you through the history of the site and takes you to the hill at the centre of Ireland, a sacred place going back through myth and legend to ancient times.

Meditation 35 mins 39 seconds.  The meditation is based around being at the Hill of Uisneach. A spiritual sanctuary overlooking the royal road between Uisneach and famous neighbouring Hill of Tara. Treasa makes references to mythical energies of the sacred in a guided visualisation of through the four directions, North, South, East and West. Then the meditation asks you to gather thoughts and then release them from the present by acknowledgement and acceptance. Then talks you through lighting a hill top fire, a re-birthing ceremony with the Celtic gods and goddesses, and back down to the plain below.

Harp music – 8 mins 53 seconds. The harp music at the end of the meditation compliments the similar background music throughout CD. It provides the perfect background accompaniment to meditation. It is very soothing and relaxing background music.

I found this to be a really good CD. It can be played as a stand-alone and unique relaxation session based around Celtic myth and legend.

David Madden   Psychotherapist. Dip Counselling, Deg Counselling, MSc, MIACP.


“I love hearing your CD on a daily basis. It has become a part of my daily routine. A great way to unwind after a hard day at work and great way to get grounded and “re-charge” my batteries. Highly recommend the CD for anyone looking to get centered again.”

Rick Cordeiro     Actor, Toronto, Canada.


“I LOVED your cd!!!!  The hoarseness in your voice gave it an ancient sound which helped a deep connection with Uisneach!  Then as the meditation started your voice lightened and was very mythical and very very soothing.  I feel into a deepness about 40 mins in and came out the last 5 mins of harp music.  You have done a fantastic job and transported me to a time and space of olde Ireland.  Excellent!!!  Loved it!”

Caroline Campbell Anderson


“I actually had the pleasure of hearing this cd before its release,I cannot recommend it enough, I found the experience extremely relaxing and calming (not easy for me!)  Treasa’s voice throughout the meditation is clear, lyrical and conducive to an all round feeling of peace. I actually found the re-birthing ceremony very emotional and extremely cathartic, I felt both relaxed & refreshed after listening, this meditation is a truly enhancing experience,and I would highly recommend it. Well done Treasa and congratulations

Amanda O’Rourke Hogan


‘it is amazing, brilliant, you have an enchanting voice, the cd is magical and a lovely Celtic vibe, thank you so much I really enjoyed it’

Rochelle McMahon Doyle


‘You managed to transport me to a place long forgotten or unknown by most, the exquisite harp was a perfect accompaniment to your soothing guided meditation, I don’t recall being so relaxed and grounded in a long time, powerful , peaceful bliss , can’t wait for the next one Treasa…. , can I preorder ??’

Mark Duffy


‘I have listened to this Guided Meditation recorded by Treasa Kerrigan a few times over the past number of weeks and each time it puts me in to that altered Theta state of consciousness. Its amazing the way in which Treasa can guide you through the natural geography of Uisneach creating an Otherworldly feeling.
Shes weaves a soft enchanting voice with a beautiful harp soundtrack. Casting a Sacred invocation of Divine protection using light and directional energies Treasa helps you create Sacred space where you feel safe and alive. You will visualize the world she takes you to and in this way Treasa uses techniques she has developed to build a separate reality.
I particularly enjoy her use of fire in this CD as it is very close to Spiritual Alchemy and a practice Shaman’s employ and achieve powerful results. Her knowledge of Uisneach and Myth making is Magickal, I found myself wondering where I had been after completing the journey through the CD. You can buy it on line from Sacred Sites or if you are in the tea rooms on the Hill of Tara its available in the shop.
So give yourself a break from the psycho babble in this world and travel with Treasa on this Guided Meditation but remember to bring an Intention with you, a past to leave behind and a future to create.’

Tom Swinburne
‘The Meditation CD, Uisneach is a welcome and unique blend of calming beautiful harp music and empowering visualisations that take you to ancient Ireland’s mythical past. The guided meditations relax and connect you to the richness of our spiritual past bringing it alive for us today. Thank you, x’

Peter Kavanagh


Treasa Kerrigan certainly has the voice for leading meditation. Her soft yet sultry tones instantly put the mind and body at ease as you are transported back in time and space to the Hill of Uisneach, the navel of Ireland to meet with the ancient Gods and experience a rebirthing ceremony in circle at the top of the Hill.

Firstly Treasa talks us through some of the history of the Hill and the main characters associated with it such as Eiru, Lugh, the Dagda and Brigid before leading into the ascension of Uisneach and the exquisite circle opening. For anyone new to Celtic Spirituality or Paganism or indeed those who have been practicing for some time, Treasa’s circle opening is particularly beautiful. As you continue through the meditation you gather Ash wood, the wood of the world tree to build a great fire at the top of the hill, in order to let go of anything that needs to be let go of. There is an honoring and recognition of the past and how it has brought us to this point for all that has happened to us in our lives shapes who we are at this moment. In the same way there is an honoring of both the present and future with an acknowledgement that neither past, present nor future can control us unless we allow them to.

We are then taken to the ‘Cat Stone’ often thought to be a portal into the Otherworld, where we journey into the womb of Eiru, held there safe and secure waiting to be reborn. When we here the sound of Faery music we are called out of the womb into a beautiful dawn of a new morning and a new life, filled with the light of the Sun. There is great thanksgiving to the Gods and the Sidhe as the circle is closed with the blessing ‘Mile Buiochas agus gra agus beannachtai’ , ‘many thanks and love and blessings’, before we are brought back into our bodies once more.

I found this meditation to be extremely enjoyable, relaxing and very useful and would highly recommend it and I look forward to immersing myself in Treasa’s other guided meditation which takes us to the Hill of Tara.

Gemma McGowan



With Uisneach, Sacred Sites of Ireland have created a unique guided meditation. It allows you to journey into the world of ancient Ireland, of Celtic Gods and Godesses, folks, and sacred lands. You are guided through a powerful fire ceremony and a beautiful, gentle re-birthing ceremony. Listening to the rich and soft voice accompanied by gentle harp tunes brings you into a state of deep relaxation and enables you to connect with the primal energies of nature and lore. The length of this meditation has the same effect on me like a power nap in the afternoon – I feel refreshed, reconnected, focused, well balanced and grounded. Having listened to many guided meditations, I can highly recommended Uisneach. Thank you, Sacred Sites of Ireland, for your wonderful work.

Ursula Hakman


Received my CD “The Hill of Tara” from Sacred Sites of Ireland. Guided meditation by Treasa Ní Mhurchú. One of the best guided meditations I have heard. It bought down my stress level in just an hour of listening. Definitely can be considered healing. I have never been to Ireland, but this CD seemed to bring it to me. Thanks Treasa.

Judi Murphy Burris, Utah USA


‘After having major heart surgery the road to recovery looked to be a long slow process.  I first listened to the Hill of Tara in the hospital bed as the noise of machines, the general hustle and bustle and the sleeplessness was making me agitated. I needed to relax to aid my healing. This was more than meditation it was therapy for my mind. The words were soft and soothing the harp was angelic but it was the voice that was heavenly. I went back to being a young boy and being enthralled once more by the magic of Ireland. I listened to the cd a few times a week.  I was no longer uncomfortable but sleeping soundly with pleasant dreams and waking feeling happy. I became like the Beech tree I firmly replanted my roots to stabilise myself and was more aware of what I needed to do to recover. This CD gave me courage, determination and patience. Would highly recommend for those who want to strengthen their mind to heal their body and engage their soul. It was like magic. Thank you.’

Thomas Raymond, County Cork
I enjoyed ‘The Hill of Tara’ Meditation CD greatly when I listened to it the other night. The harp, the voice, the introduction and the meditation were all captivating…. in various ways. Great Irish warmth and ancient Celtic wisdom dripping with every guided step accompanied by Tuatha De Danann Deity & Treasure. Well Done and looking foward to more productions !!! Go n-eiri an t-adh leat Treasa !!!!! xxx

Sinead Whyte
I have to reiterate the comments of Ursula below regarding Treasa’s “Hill Of Tara Meditation” cd..I experienced a great sense of calm and relaxation whilst listening to it,the beautiful harp music,the use of words and tone of voice all render it an extremely relaxing experience..just what I needed..I wish you great success with this cd and I highly recommend it.
thank you again for the most beautiful Hill of Tara Meditation CD, it is one of the best CDs I’ve meditated with, beautifully spoken, superbly balanced parts (intro, harp music, chakra balancing, and the main Tara meditation work really well) – I was able to deeply connect with the themes to enter deep relaxation – absolutely wonderful experience
Ursula Hakman
To give you a review of your Tara meditation “A very special meditation which not only helps me to feel supremely calm and connected, but also taps into a deep connection with ancestors the land itself…. going way back. Tara has always been a special place for me since I visited it as a child and this meditation illuminated some of the reasons for that and made me feel as if I was there receiving guidance and peace from the Sidhe . Her voice is so tranquil and graceful, perfect for leading a mediation. Thank you so much for sharing the Lore of the place, the magic and the light in this beautiful journey of a meditation.

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