Aideen’s Grave


Aideen’s Grave is a portal tomb.

Aideen was said to be the wife of Oscar, who died at the battle of Gabhra.  When Aideen learnt of Oscar’s death, she collapsed and died of her grief.   Oisin, Oscar’s father had her buried at Howth and erected the portal tomb in her memory, for her loyalty.  Such burials were normally reserved for great warriors or kings.

The tomb is partially collapsed, with the capstone fallen backwards, but the portal stones still stand and you can see what it would have been like.



Aideen’s Grave, Portal Tomb, Howth


Aideens Grave, grounds of Howth Castle


Aideen’s Grave, Portal Tomb


Aideen’s Grave, Deer Park, Howth


Aideen’s Grave, Portal Tomb, Howth


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