Samhain Poem

by Treasa

Morrigan, Crone, the Raven descends

Its all knowing eyes watching, waiting

As we stand upon Tara, in front of the fires.

We honour our ancestors, we call on our dead

As the veil thins on this Samhain festival,

And we can see through to the Otherworld.

Dagda, the All Father, the wise and good

As we stand balanced between light and dark

At the division of summer and winter

Bless us with your bounty, accept our gifts

Our gratitude and our fealty

As we honour our gods and remember our dead.

by Kyrie Murray
Upon the Hill of Uisneach
I sit and write this poem
About Eriu our goddess
Who called this place her home
It’s a hill of great power
Imagination too, and fear
And the good god Dagda
Kept his solar horses here
It’s now a place of pilgrimage
It has the goddess’s sacred bones
And the sacred ring of Stonehenge
Is said to have it’s stones
It’s called the ‘Hill of Balor’
And mentioned in Finnegan’s wake
And Lugh the great harvest god
Was drowned here in a lake
They lit Bealtaine fires here
And had buildings thatched with reed
And Brian Boru once came here
To claim the sovereignty of Meath
Eriu’s grave is now marked
By a rock called the ‘Cat Stone’
And a synod of bishops met here once
To make this whole country their own
Giant hailstones fell in 538
And warriors fled from there
And ancient laws were passed here
At the annual lughnasa fair
It’s a hill of great power
Celebration too, and greed
And was once a kingdom of it’s own
The fifth province – called Meath


Kyrie’s rebirthing experience at Uisneach

‘Born Again Pagan’

by Kyrie

At Bealtaine in Uisneach.
With Treasa and Emma Rua.
I came to do a ceremony.
At the grave stone of Eriu.

Way up on a barren hill.
It stood there all alone.
A mighty lump of limestone.
And we call it the Cat Stone.

A tunnel goes right under it.
And all we had to do.
Was to lie down on our bellies.
And slowly crawl right through.

It was cold and dark and narrow.
And I thought ‘I’ll never fit’.
And said ‘this is impossible.
I think I’ll have to quit’.

But I crawled on another bit.
Over rocks and dried up muck.
And twice I could not move at all.
Because I was really stuck.

Then Emma played her whistle.
And I twisted on my side.
And instead of being too narrow.
The tunnel now seemed wide.

As Treasa helped me exit.
I was happy full of joy.
And jokingly Treasa remarked.
Hey Emma ‘It’s a boy’.

Whispering Willow of Wonder
By Edward Durand

Weeping willow by the water
Whisper your story to me
A song of love and peace
Here for all to see

Whispering Willow of Wonder
Swaying your blessings to me
Teach me your treasures of wisdom
You sing and you dance like the sea

Beautiful hair by the water
Green with the Mother’s grown love
Stir in me mystical union
With light of the Earth and above

Wonderful willow of wishes
Cleansing earth, water and wind
Muse of the mystical marriage
Of bard and of lover you’re kin

Adorning the ways of the water
Warm welcoming willow is found
Holding the light in the garden
Bringing deep peace with its sound



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