Faery Fort


Last summer, I had the privilege of being welcomed by the Faeries at a local Faery Fort, in North County Dublin.  I’ve been back a number of times since, always bringing them gifts and asking their permission to enter their home.   The Faeries are not to be taken lightly or treated with disrespect, and if they tell you that you are not welcome, then you would be well advised to heed their warnings.  Thankfully they have always been delighted to see me and welcome me into their beautiful home so far.

The last time I went, right in the centre of the Rath where I always lay their gifts, there was a mushroom with a tiny little white feather perched on top, as if they were giving me a gift in return.  Then again, they are always giving me gifts, and I thank them most deeply for their continuing presence and help in my life.   Here are some pictures of this magical spot:









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