Annual Samhain Celebrations at Tlachtga

The annual Samhain Torchlit Procession and Celebration at Tlachtga, the Hill of Ward, Athboy takes place on Halloween night.    Tlachtga is the home of the ancient Samhain fire, where what is now celebrated as Halloween worldwide originated, many many moons ago.  The modern day event is the brainchild of local resident Joe Conlon who has been organising it for the last fifteen years.

People attending gather at the faery ring in the Fairgreen in Athboy, Co. Meath at 7 pm and the torchlit procession leaves for Tlachtga at 7.30 pm, where Gemma McGowan and friends give a magnificent rendition of the story of the Goddess Tlachtga.  For further details see the Friends of Tlachtga Facebook page.


Tlachtga Samhain 2013

Tlachtga Samhain 2012

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