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My friend Mags took a look at my Natal Chart for me, and did a short interpretation of some areas that caught  her interest.  This is what she said:

The following analysis of your chart is a focus on your personal planets (e.g. Mercury, Venus and Mars), your Ascendant and a few House themes that caught my attention. In light of what you do and your path I feel them highly significant and worth a mention. To say a professional astrologer would give you considerably more is an understatement but hopefully this information will make some connection with you.

Sun in Leo

As Leo is a fire sign you will be naturally warm, generous and loyal. You are a natural leader and to do this you must exude confidence – with Sagittarius as your Ascendant this will certainly be the case. The skills of Leo lie in your ability to inspire confidence.  You are naturally creative and will manifest creativity with exuberance. Planets in Leo usually want to be noticed and appreciated (your Mercury in Leo also) so you may want your ideas, thoughts and intelligence to be acknowledged.  You can also be very sure of your opinions!

Leo is also in your Eighth House (this is the powerful area of your chart that I referred to during our reading and will be mentioning a lot throughout this analysis).  With your sun sign Leo in this positioning the areas of mysticism, occult, research, transformation, death and rebirth are significant and will be a recurring theme in your chart.

Your Sun is also one of those planets in the Eighth House – now this gives quite a different edge to your gregarious personality. There may be a deep vulnerability and craving for deep, committed bonds.  In relationships you don’t interact with the other person – you merge with them.

Interestingly, self development can involve working closely with others with issues of bereavement, death, loss or abuse (you can see why I found your chart so interesting now can’t you?).  You have a powerful psychic connection to what is unseen and have an ability to bring light to unconscious energies.

Ascendant: Sagittarius

Your Ascendant is essentially the face you display to the world and how people perceive you.  It really is your first, natural reaction to your environment – people and situations.

Your Ascendant is Sagittarius and generally I associate this with enthusiasm, movement and interest in travel (physical and of the mind) and other cultures and philosophies.  You may find yourself restless and active.  There’s a tendency to always be searching for something that’s just out of your reach and you may find yourself doing this for all your life. You have great ideas and a willingness to explore new things although sometimes follow through is not a strong trait.  You will always be perceived by others as exuding a certain amount of confidence (even if you don’t feel it!) and it’s not in your nature to shy away from life and from experience (again, the planets in your Eighth House will echo this).

An obvious trait here is a willingness to keep up a sense of humour whatever your situation.  You may not necessarily feel it at times but as you have an ability to see the bigger picture you will find humour and fun in whatever you are doing.

Jupiter rules Sagittarius and your Jupiter is in Gemini which suggests that your role is to be messenger and you may find your life involving educating, spreading ideas or facilitating communications between others.  I found this particularly interesting as Mercury (the planet of communication) is in your Eighth House which indicates an interest in psychological or occult matters and also a curiosity about what happens after death.  This strikes me as an interesting combination considering your work in aiding the journey of souls to the afterlife.  Also Jupiter is your chart ruler so again, these themes may be echoed throughout your life.

Moon in Sagittarius

The position of the Moon in someone’s chart is the first thing I look for as, in my opinion, it sums up a person’s needs.  As you can imagine, with Sagittarius as your Ascendant this amplifies the traits mentioned above although now on an inner level.  The Sagittarian love for travel (physical and mental), new cultures can be turned within in the life area of transcendent awareness, the subconscious, meditation and retreats.

Mercury in Leo

Mercury is all about mental activity and how you communicate.  As mentioned earlier, you will never have difficulty voicing your thoughts and opinions.  You think and perceive expressively.

Again as Mercury is in the Eighth House it highlights that your communications extend to occultism and mysticism.  You will always be acutely aware of unconscious exchanges between people and will often seek to understand the deepest motivations of people.  This placement makes you suitable to talking people through disturbances or crisis.  Taboo subjects don’t phase you (in fact you may be drawn to them) and you will have an interest in those areas associated with the Eighth House such as death, sexuality, finance, occult and psychic activity.  Again, as Mercury is the communication planet, you would be a perceptive and insightful writer or teacher as well as an excellent communicator.

Venus in Virgo

Strangely enough this placement suggests that you have a low key approach to your emotions and are quite cautious when it comes to relationships. However as this planet is also in the Eighth House it adds a deeper layer to how you love.  In relationships you will be intense and will demand a high level of commitment from your partner.  Remember earlier I spoke of how you merge with your partner in relationships? Well with Venus in this same area of your chart we see this amplified.  You have the ability to understand the unconscious side of relationships and will want a deep emotional connection with your partner.  Be careful of being drawn into destructive relationships – there is a tendency to give total devotion to your partner and will expect the same in return.  Light hearted flings are not really your style – you need intensity and depth.

Mars in Libra

This is an excellent combination of force and tact. You are assertive but you express yourself with diplomacy.  You have a strong sense of social justice and may often find yourself fighting other people’s battles for them.  This is a good placement for lawyers and mediators.  Watch out for that competitive edge with regard to partners though!

The above is a short synopsis of your personal planets and you will note that I have repeatedly mentioned “the Eighth House” and how the Sun, Mercury and Venus reside here in your natal charge. In addition, two of your outer planets are also positioned here – Pluto and Uranus.  What I found extremely significant is that you have what is known as a Stellium in this portion of your chart.  A Stellium is where three or more planets sit very closely together (within 8 degrees) in a particular sign or House.  You have Pluto, Venus and Uranus all in Virgo in the Eighth House and sitting very cosily together (Venus and Pluto both at 14 degrees, with Uranus close by at 13 degrees).  What happens here is that each these planets have a heavier concentration of energy and as they are so close together the energy of one will affect the other more powerfully.  Below I will give a synopsis of how each positioning may be interpreted and then will look at how this cluster of energy may manifest in your life or personality.

Pluto in the Eighth House

There is likely to be a natural attraction to the “dark”, what is hidden and taboo issues and as this interest is quite strong you may find yourself experiencing more unusual events than others.  As mentioned earlier in your chart, you can see through surfaces and have a knack at getting to the heart of the matter.  You will be especially interested in hypnosis, healing therapies and generally anything that involves dealing with the darker side of life – this can extend from dealing with the darker side of people to death and what happens after death.  People with this positioning are not afraid of death issues as Pluto is the planet of transformation and that is how you will see it.  In fact, you will find it all very intriguing!  Likewise you don’t shy away from trauma (as again, it is an inner transformation activated by an external event). As a result you would likely be quite talented in the healing professions, especially helping others deal with crises and trauma.

Sexual relationships are very intense and can be complicated sometimes. You crave deep intimacy and ‘intensity’ is very much the keyword in your relationships. Control and power may be a strong feature of relationships and there may be instances where you seek to control in a partnership or alternatively, you (perhaps subconsciously) select a partner who is too controlling.

Venus in the Eighth House

Again we see intensity and people with this positioning can penetrate into a deeper level of relating than most people and can understand the unconscious side of relationships. You have no interest in relationships that lack sincerity or depth and would prefer raging arguments to shallow, non fulfilling relationships.  Normally this placement can indicate power-struggles and destructive relationships and jealousy can be a strong factor.  You give yourself totally and expect the person to give nothing less back. Often crisis in a relationship can deepen the bond.

With Pluto sitting practically in top of Venus here, I feel this multiplies the power considerably.  Perhaps relationships transform you?  Perhaps your greatest moments of emotional growth stemmed from how you loved, who you loved and the ingredients that led to ending the relationship are those that you used to regenerate yourself.

Uranus in the Eighth House

Uranus is the planet of change and its position here indicates that you are naturally open to change. Life would be boring without change and you like to re-invent yourself sometimes.  You may find that others may not embrace your style of making changes but you always have good intentions when doing it.  Again, in relationships we have the theme of demanding a high level of commitment (this can also be the case in business partnerships) and “merging” with others emotionally and sexually.

In a nutshell these three planets together, to me, imply that the relationships you enter into are passionate, highly charged and all consuming however the Uranus aspect tells me that you also need space and freedom – does this make sense to you?  When you love you love deeply and want to connect with the mind, body and soul of that person.  You want them to do the same and a relationship won’t be satisfying for you unless this is the case.  However, when in that place you will want to play by your own rules and retain your independence.  I also feel that unpredictability might be something you enjoy in a partnership.

As mentioned, this interpretation is only a small analysis of your chart but I think in light of my findings and what you do professionally, you will see why I was interested in having a closer look.  As this is your birth chart it is merely looking at what you may be drawn to during your life and your responses to your environment – it is not forecasting.


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