Born Again Pagan


A wonderful poem by Kyrie the Bard of Tara, about our Bealtaine experiences at Uisneach.

‘Born Again Pagan’

by Kyrie

At Bealtaine in Uisneach.
With Treasa and Emma Rua.
I came to do a ceremony.
At the grave stone of Eriu.

Way up on a barren hill.
It stood there all alone.
A mighty lump of limestone.
And we call it the Cat Stone.

A tunnel goes right under it.
And all we had to do.
Was to lie down on our bellies.
And slowly crawl right through.

It was cold and dark and narrow.
And I thought ‘I’ll never fit’.
And said ‘this is impossible.
I think I’ll have to quit’.

But I crawled on another bit.
Over rocks and dried up muck.
And twice I could not move at all.
Because I was really stuck.

Then Emma played her whistle.
And I twisted on my side.
And instead of being too narrow.
The tunnel now seemed wide.

As Treasa helped me exit.
I was happy full of joy.
And jokingly Treasa remarked.
Hey Emma ‘It’s a boy’.



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