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Myself and Vincent went to Lissycasey in Co Clare yesterday, for a healing session with Christy Coote of Broken Arrow Healing.  Christy has worked on me a number of times, always with fantastic results, and so has Jenny, but they never both worked on me at the same time before.

Christy has also recently been given a John of God Crystal Healing Bed, and I had never tried one, so I was delighted to be given this opportunity.

All too often in this field, when people have been working with Spirit for a while, their Ego gets in the way, and they start thinking that it’s them doing the healing, and they are more powerful or better than others.  There isn’t a trace of this in either Christy or Jenny, both are extremely humble about their gifts, and totally grounded, while showing an amazing connection and gratitude to Spirit and huge power and light.

My session commenced with me lying on the Crystal Healing Bed, with the lights on, while Christy held my feet.  Jenny was sitting on the floor nearby with her crystals and tuning in energetically to me and to Spirit.

When I called Christy about the healing session, I was quite confused and upset and somewhat fearful.  Practically as soon as I closed my eyes and he touched my feet I got the image of a wolf.  Christy had me follow the wolf, and we ended up at a cave where I faced the Spirit of My Fears and reclaimed what is mine, my power, my self belief, my strength and positivity.

All too often we give these things away when we go searching for spiritual teachers and gurus.  My Truth and Wisdom is inside me, and yours is inside you.  We need nobody to show us the way, except ourselves and Spirit.  Occasionally teachers show up for us when we need to learn a lesson, but we shouldn’t follow these teachers blindly just because they may have studied more things than us.  Their journey and their path is theirs, only you can walk your path.   My message to you is accept your gifts, and shine your light, and never, ever give your power away to anyone, no matter how intelligent or educated or powerful they seem.

Following on from my confronting the Spirit of My Fears and reclaiming my power, Christy left the room for a while and Jenny worked on me.  She, with a team of helpers from Spirit, showed me my power and my Light, and just how amazing I really am.  We are all amazing creatures of Light, all you need to do is believe in yourself and focus your attention on being who you want to be, who you were born to be.  There is no point in comparing yourself to anyone else, they are living their life and it’s a different life to yours.  And don’t hide your Light or your Power because they make other people feel uncomfortable, any true friends will accept you as you are and rejoice that you have found your true path.

I left Christy’s house feeling so clear, strong, positive and calm and I still feel that way today.  Everytime I get healing from Christy it’s wonderful and exactly what I need, this time I can honestly say that between them Christy and Jenny have really worked miracles.

To get in touch with Christy you can contact him on his website Broken Arrrow Healing,

on Facebook or call  087 931 2182

Jenny Wilson can be contacted on 087 936 1919




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