End of Year Full Moon Clearing Ritual


As we reach the end of 2012, it is important to release the energies of the year and make room for the new energies of 2013.  To achieve this I held a ceremony last night, invoking the Four Directions, Above and Below, Sacred Space Within, my Guides, Angels, Power Animals, Celtic Deities and my Ancestors.  Using herbs, oils, branches and other symbolic gifts, I made offerings to the Sacred Fire and asked Spirit to release any people, situations or things that no longer serve my highest good from my Life.


Following on from this, I slept with Vicks VapoRub on my feet to draw any negative energies out through the soles of my feet and then this morning, myself and a good friend performed a mental and spiritual cleansing using Hopi Ear Candles.


Some people choose to do their rituals at different Moon times, as a Reflector the Full Moon is a very important time for me energetically and any momentuous Life decisions or events always occur around the time of the full moon.  I wasn’t aware of this pattern in my life for a long time, but looking back this was happening even though I didn’t know it consciously.


If you feel like holding your own cleansing ritual, don’t get bogged down in rules and regulations and what other people say, what works for one person won’t necessarily be right for you.  The important things to remember are to create a Sacred Space, honour Spirit and ask them for their help, and when you are finished to thank Spirit and close the Sacred Space.


Wishing a wonderful New Year to you all, full of magic and blessings.  Namaste Treasa xxx




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