Glasnevin Cemetery Tour and Museum


We spent a wonderful afternoon in Glasnevin cemetery.  First we visited the Museum and learnt about the history of the graveyard, including information about the gravediggers, body snatchers and diseases.

This was followed by a Guided Tour of the cemetery, which began with a reenactment of Padraig Pearse’s oration at O’Donovan Rossa’s funeral.  From here our tour guide Bridget led us through the political history of the cemetery, starting with Roger Casement whose remains were repatriated in the 1960’s and buried in concrete to ensure that they wouldn’t be moved again, to the controversial grave of Charles Stewart Parnell in the Cholera Pit of the 1840’s and the lavish crypt of Daniel O’Connell under the massive 51 metre round tower that dominates the cemetery, to the grave of Ireland’s great hero, Michael Collins whose grave is constantly decorated with flowers to this day by visitors to the cemetery.

We also visited the graves of a number of other well renowned figures from Irish History, including James Larkin, Countess Markievicz and Eamon De Valera.  Our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable and we had a great time.  Just imagine, there are 1.5 milllion people buried in Glasnevin Cemetery, more than currently live in Dublin.  Gives you something to ponder on.   Highly recommended way to spend an afternoon.  Details on their website:  Glasnevin Trust


Photographs of Glasnevin Cemetery




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