Hill of Tara Meditation ‘Therapy for the Mind’

Here’s a wonderful review of my Hill of Tara Guided Meditation.  Thank you so much Thomas Raymond, for taking the time to let me know how it helped you.

‘After having major heart surgery the road to recovery looked to be a long slow process.  I first listened to the Hill of Tara in the hospital bed as the noise of machines, the general hustle and bustle and the sleeplessness was making me agitated. I needed to relax to aid my healing. This was more than meditation it was therapy for my mind. The words were soft and soothing the harp was angelic but it was the voice that was heavenly. I went back to being a young boy and being enthralled once more by the magic of Ireland. I listened to the cd a few times a week.  I was no longer uncomfortable but sleeping soundly with pleasant dreams and waking feeling happy. I became like the Beech tree I firmly replanted my roots to stabilise myself and was more aware of what I needed to do to recover. This CD gave me courage, determination and patience. Would highly recommend for those who want to strengthen their mind to heal their body and engage their soul. It was like magic. Thank you.’

Thomas Raymond, County Cork


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