Reading With Spiritual Medium Eternal Spirit


I had a Skype reading with Spiritual Medium Paul Salmon.  Paul has a very friendly down to earth manner and quickly puts you at your ease.  He was able to connect in with Spirit immediately and give me messages from a number of people in my life, some who have passed over and some who are still on this plane.

He also covered my health, my emotional well being, the direction my life is going with work and relationships  among other things.  He described my family and home life accurately and gave me insights into what is currently happening for me.  He was able to connect with me physically and describe various aches and pains in different areas of my body.

A fascinating reading with a lovely man.  To contact Paul:

Private psychic/mediumship readings are £25 for 30 minutes on phone or skype. He is also available for public demonstrations.
Phone: 01473 785180




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