Sacred Geometry – Platonic Solids


The Platonic Solids, so called after the Greek Philosopher Plato, are the Tetrahedron, Hexahedron, Octahedron, Dodecahedron and Icosahedron. All the sides of a Platonic Solid are of equal length, and if you were to draw a circle around a Platonic Solid each corner would touch the arc of the circle. Their properties are as follows.

The tetrahedron is a four sided, three dimensional triangle (imagine a pyramid shape with all sides of equal length) that represents the element of Fire. For me Fire means heat, passion, life, vibrancy, excitement, energy.

The hexahedron is a six sided three dimensional cube and represents the element of Earth. For me Earth means grounding, nurturing, strengthening, the energy of Mother Nature, the energy of crystals and of trees.

The octahedron is an eight sided three dimensional diamond, and represents the element of Air. For me Air means the energy of thought and of the wind. The energies of feathers and birds, of mental energy and the spoken word.

The dodecahedron has twelve sides and represents the element of Ether. For me Ether represents Spirit, or Universal Life Force Energy, and the sparkles we can sometimes see in the air are the Ether.

The icosahedron has twenty sides and represents the element of Water. For me, Water represents emotion, hidden depths, and a deep knowledge.

I find meditating in my icosahedron very calming, and always helps to shift things emotionally. When it was being made originally there was a problem with the crystals, which was strange because they were amethyst and citrine points, which should have been easy enough to source. I found out why quickly enough. When the icosahedron was completed without crystals and magnets the energy vibration was so strong I couldn’t sleep for three weeks, was totally wired every night. Things calmed down for a few weeks but when the magnets and crystals were added the same thing happened again, so clearly I needed to be introduced to the vibrational level in stages to get used to such a high level. Interestingly when I covered it with black plastic the energy flow stopped, so I decided to leave it uncovered continually and let the copper oxidise.



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