Sacred Tribe Energy Healing

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have met a wonderful lady called Jenny Wilson.  My first healing session with her was three years ago and since then, whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed or out of synch, Jenny is one of the first people I call for energy healing.

She has an amazing gift with crystals and intuitively, through her connection with spirit, knows exactly what’s required to help you shift blockages and connect to a higher level of vibration.  Every session with Jenny has helped me to a deeper level of self awareness and given me the strength needed to proceed with the next step of my journey.

I’m delighted that Jenny has now set up a website Sacred Tribe Energy Healing and hope that this will enable her to help many more people.  Jenny you’re a very special lady and I owe you a huge debt.  A true empath and healer, a visionary and seer.  Keep shining your light in your own inimitable way.


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