I first experienced Theragem two weeks ago, when I was invited to a one day seminar where I attended a talk on Theragem, had my energy levels and health checked and then received two Theragem treatments.  Prior to going I had been feeling stressed and tired with low energy levels for quite some time.  This showed up in the body scan done on me as low spleen qi.  As a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner myself I  understand the concepts used to explain the scan done to check my health status.  To find out more about the history of Crystal Light Therapy and the science behind Theragem, click here

To get a Theragem treatment, you lie on a massage table (with clothes on) and crystal lights are shone on particular parts of the body.  I first received a treatment of sapphire blue on my crown and found this deeply relaxing.  Following this I had twenty minutes of diamond and carnelian to my spleen area.  After receiving Theragem I found my energy levels much improved over the following week, even though I was extremely busy and had a lot going on in my life.

I attended Niamh at Inspirit based in Milltown, Dublin 6, for another Theragem session earlier this week.  Niamh combined acupuncture and Theragem to work on me simultaneously, this time using sapphire crystal on my crown and then ruby and diamond and carnelian on my spleen to give me a further energy boost.  She used acupuncture on my kidney and liver meridians, to boost my kidney qi, release liver stagnation and my chest to relieve my chronic cough.  Most of the needles didn’t hurt in the slightest, but interestingly there was a very strange sensation from one of the liver points, not pain but more a weird numbness which Niamh said was related to the energy blockage in my liver.   She is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about her work and clearly cares deeply about each client.  Since my second Theragem session I’m feeling much calmer and less stressed and not as tired on a deep level.  If you want to contact Niamh to book a session, or to find out when the next free Theragem information seminar is on and book a place, you can do so at 086 0737115 or email her at




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