Word Art – Occupy The Imagination


Spoken Word Collaborative Arts Festival

NOVEMBER 1st – 5th 2012 Letterkenny, Co. Donegal

Word Art is a festival celebrating the collaborative possibilities of art.
There will be spoken word events, performance art,music, healing arts spaces, exhibits, film screenings, creative interventions and unique collaborations between participating artists, creatives, event activists and thinkers.
We are forming the festival programme as people become involved.
It is a non-funded festival but we will be setting up a list of hosts who will provide bed space for travelling artists and we hope to have POT A NIGHT food for visitors.

Despite the difficult financial situation many artists, activists and thinkers struggle with, we still have a passion for creating, collaborating and analysing structures and systems.

Word Art will provide a collaborative creative platform for all who wish to participate.
It will be an exposition of resilience and active citizenship.

and click if you would like to attend

We will be compiling participant lists, event activists lists, collaborations in progress etc…on the page as the festival develops…


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