Wicklow Gaol

When Vincent and Treasa visited Wicklow Gaol last year, they took a large number of photographs.  At that time Sacred Sites was only a vague seed of an idea, so they didn’t really go through the photographs properly.  Last week when Vincent was looking back through the pictures he noticed a ghostly figure on the balcony above him.  This picture has been shown to the staff at Wicklow Gaol and they say that there is nothing on that landing that could have caused a shadow in that place.  Neither was there anyone else there when the photograph was taken.  The figure is clearly dressed in an oldfashioned way, and the photograph hasn’t been doctored in any way.  Here it is:  Wicklow Gaol

POETREE Walk – Rath Lugh – Sunday March 4th 2.30 pm

Thanks to John Willmott for organising this event to highlight National Tree Week. There will be a POETREE Walk next Sun March 4th 2.30pm at Rath Lugh and Lismullin Woods with visits to the wells, stops to identify the trees, take bark rubbings for the kids, talk of the history of the area and listen to poems. I hope that you will attend and support 🙂 Please share, thank you. http://www.squidoo.com/bards-in-the-wood