Reviews of a Guided Meditation from the Hill of Tara CD

 Received my CD “The Hill of Tara” from Sacred Sites of Ireland. Guided meditation by Treasa Ní Mhurchú. One of the best guided meditations I have heard. It bought down my stress level in just an hour of listening. Definitely can be considered healing. I have never been to Ireland, but this CD seemed to bring it to me. Thanks Treasa.

Judi Murphy Burris, Utah USA


‘After having major heart surgery the road to recovery looked to be a long slow process.  I first listened to the Hill of Tara in the hospital bed as the noise of machines, the general hustle and bustle and the sleeplessness was making me agitated. I needed to relax to aid my healing. This was more than meditation it was therapy for my mind. The words were soft and soothing the harp was angelic but it was the voice that was heavenly. I went back to being a young boy and being enthralled once more by the magic of Ireland. I listened to the cd a few times a week.  I was no longer uncomfortable but sleeping soundly with pleasant dreams and waking feeling happy. I became like the Beech tree I firmly replanted my roots to stabilise myself and was more aware of what I needed to do to recover. This CD gave me courage, determination and patience. Would highly recommend for those who want to strengthen their mind to heal their body and engage their soul. It was like magic. Thank you.’

Thomas Raymond, County Cork


I enjoyed ‘The Hill of Tara’ Meditation CD greatly when I listened to it the other night. The harp, the voice, the introduction and the meditation were all captivating…. in various ways. Great Irish warmth and ancient Celtic wisdom dripping with every guided step accompanied by Tuatha De Danann Deity & Treasure. Well Done and looking foward to more productions !!! Go n-eiri an t-adh leat Treasa !!!!! xxx
Sinead Whyte
I have to reiterate the comments of Ursula below regarding Treasa’s “Hill Of Tara Meditation” cd..I experienced a great sense of calm and relaxation whilst listening to it,the beautiful harp music,the use of words and tone of voice all render it an extremely relaxing experience..just what I needed..I wish you great success with this cd and I highly recommend it.
thank you again for the most beautiful Hill of Tara Meditation CD, it is one of the best CDs I’ve meditated with, beautifully spoken, superbly balanced parts (intro, harp music, chakra balancing, and the main Tara meditation work really well) – I was able to deeply connect with the themes to enter deep relaxation – absolutely wonderful experience
To give you a review of your Tara meditation “A very special meditation which not only helps me to feel supremely calm and connected, but also taps into a deep connection with ancestors the land itself…. going way back. Tara has always been a special place for me since I visited it as a child and this meditation illuminated some of the reasons for that and made me feel as if I was there receiving guidance and peace from the Sidhe . Her voice is so tranquil and graceful, perfect for leading a mediation. Thank you so much for sharing the Lore of the place, the magic and the light in this beautiful journey of a mediation.
For more information on a Guided Meditation from the Hill of Tara and to listen to the introduction, click here
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