Firestarter Launch for Oldcastle Equinox Festival at Loughcrew

Oldcastle Tourism Group released the line up of events for the much anticipated celebration of the Spring Equinox at Loughcrew for the upcoming weekend of 21st – 23rd March. The line up went live on the Oldcastle Chamber website on the 1st of March and features a wide range of events and artists including Dawn Ceremonies on each of the three days at 6.00 am at Cairn T on Loughcrew. The first ceremony on Friday 21st will feature Babylon Inferno Fire Dancers welcoming the Sunrise and will be attended by Minister Brian Hayes. The overall event is entitled The Return of the Light and is based on the belief systems and knowledge of the original Neolithic builders some 5,500 years ago. The range of events take place after The Dawn Ceremonies both in the town of Oldcastle and Loughcrew Gardens and feature workshops, seminars, talks, walks,classes, sessions and fun promises the Event poster. These will feature Meditation, Shamanism, Druidry, Healing, Yoga, Mindfulness, History, Art, Poetry, Sound Vibration, Nature and Music.

” We are delighted to be able to assemble for the Spring Equinox such a diverse range of events with so many talented people from the locality and afar and we are looking forward to creating some memorable experiences for people. Using the energy generated by a natural occurrence which was captured by our ancient ancestors over 5,000 years ago is a great way forward for sustainable Tourism in this area.” says Event Organiser Bartle D’Arcy from Directing Tourism.

The Oldcastle Tourism Group met with The OPW recently and are also delighted to announce that there will be much needed improvements carried out on the site this year after an architects report.

” The OPW are going to carry out works on the steps which are a bit steep at the moment, put in additional seating for the journey up the hill and address the issue of excess water coming into the tomb from the roof vent. New interpretive signage at the site will be of great benefit and combined with our Spring Equinox Events should make it a very good summer for Tourism at Loughcrew and Oldcastle this year.” said Garry O’Neill President Oldcastle Chamber of Commerce.

Equinox Festival Crew at Loughcrew - Bartle D'Arcy Directing Tourism, Garry O'Neill President Oldcastle Chamber of Commerce, George Allen General Manager Loughcrew Gardens and Gerry Reilly Oldcastle Tourism Group at Cairn T

Equinox Festival Crew at Loughcrew – Bartle D’Arcy Directing Tourism, Garry O’Neill
President Oldcastle Chamber of Commerce, George Allen General Manager Loughcrew Gardens
and Gerry Reilly Oldcastle Tourism Group at Cairn T

Local artists are to the fore for the Equinox Events and the first Warm Up event is a book signing by local author Tina Halpin and illustrator Lisa Brady on their childrens book  ” Conan and the Mystical, Magical Light of Loughcrew “on St Patrick’s Day in The Kraft Kaffee Oldcastle.  Artists from all over Ireland are coming for the Equinox and Treasa Kerrigan  took on the role of Event Co-ordinator after meeting Bartle on a guided walk he was giving in Fore and hearing about the upcoming plans.  Treasa channels guided meditations from  Sacred Sites of Ireland and is preparing her next work from Loughcrew.

“I’m very excited about being asked to be part of the Oldcastle / Loughcrew Equinox Festival Team.  Loughcrew is a very spiritual place and my vision for the Equinox Festivals is to celebrate our sacred landscape and heritage in a respectful and spiritual manner.  For this first festival we have some wonderful people from the Irish spiritual community including Deirdre Wadding, Luke Eastwood, Martin Byrne from Carrowkeel who will be talking on the sacred rock art of the cairns , Sinead Whyte,  Vinnie Woods and Tom Swinburne amongst others.” remarked Treasa.

The full event listings complete with times, venues, accommodation and camping information is now available on and you can check for updates on Facebook at Oldcastle Equinoxes Loughcrew.

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