Life Coaching – Second Session


I had my second Life Coaching Session yesterday.  I had done both tasks I was given to do last week, one which I thought would be very easy turned out to be quite difficult, and one that I thought would be a massive challenge, while time consuming turned out not to be too difficult at all.

This week was tough, I had to list what I wanted less of in my life and also what was most important to me, and then once I had both lists completed, to choose which items on each list were the most important.

After that we had to agree on tasks for me to complete for my next session, and this is where I was quite resistant.  We eventually settled on two and hopefully I will get them done and next week’s session will go more smoothly.

While I am saying the session was difficult, I’m not saying that I don’t see the value in it.  We went quite deeply into my life and core beliefs and I found some of it a bit upsetting, but if you want to move forward and make changes you need to have a level of understanding of where you are and what you want in your life.  A lot of us tend to avoid looking at these things too deeply or too often, it takes us out of our comfort zone and puts things we aren’t too happy about under the spotlight.

Now that it’s been done I am quite happy with how it went and looking forward to our next session.


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