Life Coaching – Third Session


Last night’s session wasn’t nearly as difficult as the second session.  I had completed the tasks I committed to have done for this week, they weren’t too difficult but there is another task I committed to doing by session four, and I haven’t done anything with that yet.

This week we made a list of my Negative Self Beliefs and then a list of my Positive Self Beliefs, the negative one was much longer and easier to do than the positive one.  My Life Coach then suggested adding Positive Qualities I would like to believe about myself to that list, which helped.

We got rid of all the negative ones, and it felt great scribbling them all out.  Then we went through the positive ones to see which ones I felt a blockage around and I had to visualise and draw a picture of the blockage and then choose a way to get rid of it.

I’ve lots of things I committed to do over the next two weeks before we meet up for session four.


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