Reviews of A Guided Meditation from Uisneach

Yet more wonderful reviews of my Uisneach CD.   Here’s one from an elderly gentleman in a Nursing Home:

God bless you, it’s wonderful.  I haven’t listened to the Hill of Tara CD yet because I’m listening to Uisneach every day.  The burning ash fire reminds me of when I was young and we used to have a turf fire, I would sit looking into the fire.  This CD has awoken dormant thoughts and sparked my imagination again.

I’ve listened many times and gotten great pleasure and great inspiration.  This is the history we should be teaching in our schools.  You must be really proud to be able to create something so wonderful.  Thank you.

Christy Brady – Nursing Home Resident, Citizen of North County Dublin.



Uisneach by Treasa Ni Mhurchu

Track Time
Introduction: 08.09
A guided meditation: 35.39
Harp music: 08.53

Treasa has a very relaxing and calming voice. I found listening to the CD through ear phones got the best results. The meditation leaves you feeling positive, calm and uplifted. I have listened to a number of meditation CD’s & have to say that this is one of the best. Meditation and relaxation are now becoming mainstream methods of healing for their therapeutic benefits, recommended by many therapists, doctors & hospitals across Ireland, Europe and the world. Guided visualisations are perfect for meditating or just relaxing to. The CD includes many positive affirmations beneficial to the healing process.

Introduction. A very informative talk on the meaning and background to the Hill of Uisneach. This first track talks you through the history of the site and takes you to the hill at the centre of Ireland, a sacred place going back through myth and legend to ancient times.

The meditation is based around being at the Hill of Uisneach. A spiritual sanctuary overlooking the royal road between Uisneach and famous neighbouring Hill of Tara. Treasa makes references to mythical energies of the sacred in a guided visualisation of through the four directions, North, South, East and West. Then the meditation asks you to gather thoughts and then release them from the present by acknowledgement and acceptance. Then talks you through lighting a hill top fire, a re-birthing ceremony with the Celtic gods and goddesses, and back down to the plain below.

Harp music. The harp music at the end of the meditation compliments the similar background music throughout CD. It provides the perfect background accompaniment to meditation. It is very soothing and relaxing background music.

I found this to be a really good CD. It can be played as a stand-alone and unique relaxation session based around Celtic myth and legend.

David Madden

Psychotherapist. Dip Counselling, Deg Counselling, MSc, MIACP.

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