The Benefits of Meditation and Energy Work in Dealing with Everyday Stress

The option of taking time out to spend in nature isn’t always available to us, especially when the weather is bad, or we’re overworked or suffering from ill health. I find when I don’t get outside to reconnect I tend to get more stressed and less productive, unless I specifically set time aside for meditation or another form of energy work, to clear my energies and rebalance my chakras.

When you think about the amount of time we spend in man made environments, buildings with artificial lights and radiation from computers, mobile phones etc, or small metal boxes with rubber tyres that inhibit our abilities to ground ourselves, not to mention the amount of interactions we are having with other people, it makes sense to incorporate a clearing and grounding ritual into your everyday practice, like having a shower to wash off the accumulated dirt of the day. Indeed, if you practice visualising while in the shower that helps clear your aura. Our intentions create our reality.



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