The Morrigan at Oweynagcat

We visited Oweynagcat, the Cave of the Cats on Saturday.  It was an amazing experience.  The image is a photo I took in Oweynagcat, the Morrigan’s cave near Rathcrogan.  We felt she was there and could see a green light moving towards us, we felt her presence swirl all around us and she touched us and afterwards when I looked at the photo there she was.

Morrigan at Oweynagcat (2)

On the way home, I felt drawn to write her a poem, here it is:

The Morrigan at Oweynagcat

Morrigan, dark goddess, queen of the night.
Battle raven, crone and maiden, you are a wondrous sight.
Sensuous and glorious, the great warrior queen.
Bringing judgement, bringing death, on silent wings unseen.
Mother and lover, queen of our hearts like no other,
Oh beautiful lady of the cave, standing beside us from cradle to grave,
Bless all your children, hear my heartfelt plea.
Accept my grateful thanks, that you appeared to me.
©  2014

Here’s Emma’s account of our day:


Today I traveled in a chariot faster than the wind,  stood on top of the world and played for three fairies.
My companions danced as if  enchanted,  then the wind played my whistle.
The women lay on the Rock of Maedhbh,  the great Queen of Connacht,  while I played fey music.
Then I lay on the rock,  became the rock,  whilst the wind made spirals  and triskele with my hair.   Then we climbed higher,  over graves of  ancient royalty,  to sit on the edge of a triangular throne.

Then we flew down,  around,  down,  curving around & down,  into a quiet place behind a graveyard,  where a steam rushes past a well ancient in the time of St. Patrick.   This well is the place where St Patrick came across 2 druid virgins bathing. He told them of his desert god,  and they told him of their god all around,  singing with the wind in the branches,  beating in their hearts,  growing in the fields,  loving with the mother giving suck, the lovers entwined in the bushes, rushing with the waters,  glowing in the fire flames,  secret in the rocks.

Then we traveled to the other side of the great hill,  to a cave hidden under back tree.  We slid down the mouth of the earth,  into her rocky wet womb,  deep under the green fields.  It was  there I left my fears,  climbing back out sure footed into the light,  happy to sit with the rain and the tree and the rocks and the grass,  while my companions conjured the dark goddess Morrigan in her rocky womb.

Then we parted ways,  my companions & I,  still blessed by the mud of rebirth,  to fly faster than the wind in our chariots,  they east and I west,  bringing the light home.

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