A Guided Meditation from Uisneach


Nearly there with my latest cd, a Guided Meditation from Uisneach.  It’s taken almost a full year from conception to production.  It was at Bealtaine 2012 at the Festival of the Fires on the Hill of Uisneach that I took part in a rebirthing ceremony at the Cat Stone, and later that night while I slept, I channelled the ideas and words for the meditation.


Here’s the proposed pictures for the cd covers and label.  CD Pictures


Kyrie, the Bard of Tara wrote a poem about the rebirthing ceremony called Born Again Pagan, you can read it here: Bards Corner


And here’s the Introduction to Uisneach


Thanks once again to all my helpers in spirit and the faery realm, I couldn’t do it without you.  I’m honoured, grateful and blessed that you’ve chosen me to do this work.




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