National Heritage Week 2014

National Heritage Week 2014 runs from 23rd – 31st August.  With events on all around the country, there’s bound to be something to everyone’s liking.  One of my personal favourites is taking place at one of my favourite places, Drum for Tara on the Hill of Tara on Saturday 23rd August at 2 pm, details on the Heritage Week website: Drum For Tara 2014

Check out the rest of the events here:  Heritage Week Website



Early Bird Tickets currently on sale for Éigse in Wicklow


Early Bird Tickets are currently on sale at the bargain price of €20 for Éigse Spiriod Ceilteach, a one day festival of Irish Spirituality on 16th August in Newtown Mountkennedy, Co. Wicklow.  With tickets strictly limited to 70 on a first come first served basis, this is an intimate event, very ably organised by Luke Eastwood and Anna Coote,  with six invited speakers on various topics throughout the day, including myself facilitating my most recent guided meditation,  as well as opening and closing ceremonies by Deirdre Wadding and evening musical entertainment from John Paul Patton.

To find out more about the festival and book your tickets check out the Irish Druid Network website.


Summer Solstice 2014 at the Hill of Tara



Summer Solstice was magical this year, the weather was glorious with a spectacular sunrise and sunset at the Hill of Tara, one of my favourite sacred sites.  I was there for sunrise and sunset on 21st June and again for sunrise on the morning of 22nd June.


A very curious thing happened on Solstice morning, as we were standing at Teach Cormaic waiting for the sun to rise over the horizon we noticed all the sheep in the field walked around to the east in single file to face the rising sun and then turned and walked away again.  Five minutes later they were all scattered around the field as normal, as if nothing unusual had happened.  The second morning, the sheep were there but didn’t pay any attention to the sunrise at all.    Photographs of both sunrises and the sunset available here.



The Morrigan at Oweynagcat

We visited Oweynagcat, the Cave of the Cats on Saturday.  It was an amazing experience.  The image is a photo I took in Oweynagcat, the Morrigan’s cave near Rathcrogan.  We felt she was there and could see a green light moving towards us, we felt her presence swirl all around us and she touched us and afterwards when I looked at the photo there she was.

Morrigan at Oweynagcat (2)

On the way home, I felt drawn to write her a poem, here it is:

The Morrigan at Oweynagcat

Morrigan, dark goddess, queen of the night.
Battle raven, crone and maiden, you are a wondrous sight.
Sensuous and glorious, the great warrior queen.
Bringing judgement, bringing death, on silent wings unseen.
Mother and lover, queen of our hearts like no other,
Oh beautiful lady of the cave, standing beside us from cradle to grave,
Bless all your children, hear my heartfelt plea.
Accept my grateful thanks, that you appeared to me.
©  2014

Here’s Emma’s account of our day:


Today I traveled in a chariot faster than the wind,  stood on top of the world and played for three fairies.
My companions danced as if  enchanted,  then the wind played my whistle.
The women lay on the Rock of Maedhbh,  the great Queen of Connacht,  while I played fey music.
Then I lay on the rock,  became the rock,  whilst the wind made spirals  and triskele with my hair.   Then we climbed higher,  over graves of  ancient royalty,  to sit on the edge of a triangular throne.

Then we flew down,  around,  down,  curving around & down,  into a quiet place behind a graveyard,  where a steam rushes past a well ancient in the time of St. Patrick.   This well is the place where St Patrick came across 2 druid virgins bathing. He told them of his desert god,  and they told him of their god all around,  singing with the wind in the branches,  beating in their hearts,  growing in the fields,  loving with the mother giving suck, the lovers entwined in the bushes, rushing with the waters,  glowing in the fire flames,  secret in the rocks.

Then we traveled to the other side of the great hill,  to a cave hidden under back tree.  We slid down the mouth of the earth,  into her rocky wet womb,  deep under the green fields.  It was  there I left my fears,  climbing back out sure footed into the light,  happy to sit with the rain and the tree and the rocks and the grass,  while my companions conjured the dark goddess Morrigan in her rocky womb.

Then we parted ways,  my companions & I,  still blessed by the mud of rebirth,  to fly faster than the wind in our chariots,  they east and I west,  bringing the light home.

Loughcrew / Oldcastle Spring Equinox Festival



Last weekend’s Spring Equinox Festival was absolutely amazing.  I was privileged to be part of such a wonderful spiritual event.  The weather on Saturday morning was simply breathtaking, with snow creating an ethereal atmosphere and that was followed by a brilliant sunrise on Sunday, with clear blue skies.  Looking forward to doing it all again at Autumn Equinox in September.


Thanks again to everyone that participated.


Cairn V

Uisneach Reviews

From Australia to Austria, more wonderful reviews of my Uisneach CD.  Thank you very much Dr. Ingrid Prunner.

A few days ago I decided to listen to the Uisneach CD, I love fantasy journeys and I love Ireland’s myths. And then I heard Treasa’s calming voice guiding me up to the hill.  I closed my eyes and heard the birds singing, the wooden fire cracking, the wind blowing over the hill…. This fantastic experiment led me down to the grounds of earth and spirit.

I am going to Ireland each year for the last ten years and I can say I know the Emerald Isle well .  Some years ago I was alone at a Stone circle and suddenly there was something strange I felt, but there was no anxiety, only deep peace. And this feeling occurred again at the meditation. Tears were on my face, I felt deep emotions and after half an hour I was calmed and accepted what has happened to me. Treasa, thank you for this experience and the ongoing healing of heart and soul in this stressful world.

Dr. Ingrid Prunner –  Austria

More reviews of Uisneach available here.

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