Early Bird Tickets Available for Eigse Spiriod Ceilteach

Early Bird Tickets are currently available for Eigse Spiriod Ceilteach at Sli na Bande, Wicklow, on Saturday 15th August.  Eigse is run by Luke Eastwood and Anna Coote and attracts an eclectic mix of people from the pagan community.  It promises to be a great day of workshops and talks, with overnight camping and accommodation available.  Early Bird Tickets are €20, increasing to €25 on 1st August.  Strictly limited to 70 participants.  For further details, or to book your tickets click here


Sacred Tribe Energy Healing

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have met a wonderful lady called Jenny Wilson.  My first healing session with her was three years ago and since then, whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed or out of synch, Jenny is one of the first people I call for energy healing.

She has an amazing gift with crystals and intuitively, through her connection with spirit, knows exactly what’s required to help you shift blockages and connect to a higher level of vibration.  Every session with Jenny has helped me to a deeper level of self awareness and given me the strength needed to proceed with the next step of my journey.

I’m delighted that Jenny has now set up a website Sacred Tribe Energy Healing and hope that this will enable her to help many more people.  Jenny you’re a very special lady and I owe you a huge debt.  A true empath and healer, a visionary and seer.  Keep shining your light in your own inimitable way.


Celtic Spirituality Workshops

Experience the power of our Sacred Sites on a one day Celtic Spirituality workshop.  Choose between the Hill of Tara, Uisneach, and Loughcrew.   Discover the ancient Ireland of myth and legend and forge a spiritual and energetic connection with the sacred landscape of one of our most important Irish Heritage sites.  See  Spiritual Tours for details.

Tara Ceremonies for website

New Irish Pagan Organisation

If you’re looking for a celebrant for a handfasting, naming day, or any other rite of passage, a new organisation called Pagan Life Rites, has just been launched by a number of well known and highly respected pagans in Ireland.

Membership is free, to learn more and join up if you’re interested, visit their website or FaceBook Page.



Uisneach Fire Festival

Bealtaine Ceremonial Fire Parade and Bonfire, Local Artisan Food and Crafts, Holistic Healing, All Day Trad Sessions, The Uisneach Warriors, Spoken Word Tent with Heritage Talks, Brass Band Concert, Yoga & Meditation Workshops, Guided Tours, Archery Displays, Drama Workshops, Visual and Performance Art, Family Friendly with Children’s Play & Traditional Games Arena.

The Mainstage performers include:- The Máirtín O Connor Band; Moxie; Mary Coughlan and Special Guests.
Limited early-bird tickets @ €25. ( Children under 12 free accompanied by an adult)

Saturday 2nd May          2pm – 11.30pm

For Tickets and more information visit the Uisneach website.

uisneach festival

Loughcrew Equinox Dawn March 2015

The Office of Public Works will have staff in attendance at Cairn T, Loughcrew on the mornings of March 21st, March 22nd and March 23rd from 6.15am until 7.30am approx

Admission to the Chamber of Cairn T is free of charge.

As the chamber is quite small, only 5 or 6 people can be inside at a time. Visitors are requested to stay inside for only a few minutes so that everyone can get a chance to visit.

Please note that it is very important that visitors dress warmly and are wearing stout shoes. The climb to the top of Carnbane East is very steep and can be slippery after rain or on frosty mornings.

The Gardaí are operating a one way traffic system on the mornings of March 21st and March 22nd. From 5.00am there will be traffic restrictions in place. Please follow directions of Gardaí on duty and please follow directions of staff on duty in the car park with regards to parking.  See attached map for traffic directions.

OPW loughcrew OPW Loughcrew Map   

Reviews of a Guided Meditation from Loughcrew

This is the first of the series of meditations I have experienced by Treasa Kerrigan. The meditation is set out very well. Beginning with a steady rhythm of a shamanic drum the body eases gently into the suggestion of the journey. The description of Loughcrew and the surrounding cairns brings a focus and personal touch lacking in many meditation cds. For me it brings a wonderful visual of this very sacred place that I have visited many times, I can only imagine this would be extremely useful for those who have never visited this site.

Meeting the ollamh fodhla in the journey was a wonderful experience, like an old wise friend with whom a release of any attachments is possible.

My personal favourite part of the journey was connecting with the white whispering stone. A sensuous description of the curves of the stone brings another dimension to the journey, and the senses become more engaged allowing for a deeper release and connection, to the land and the Cailleach.

Although the meditation is a specifically guided one, there are many times when the individual is allowed time to find their own personal understanding of the rock art, the surrounding site as well as the deity’s and ancestors involved. I enjoyed the balance of light and darkness throughout the journey, Treasa’s voice is well suited to guiding the individual on a journey, gentle and confident, it offers guidance and allows for space. I look forward to experiencing more of this series.

Áine-Máire Ní Mhurchú


I must admit to being quite ignorant of many of the amazing sacred sites of Ireland, but it is something I have made a decision to rectify in the past year, visiting the Hill of Tara, the Hill of Slane and Kells for the first time last summer. Although it was my first physical visit to Tara, I had journeyed there in ethereal once before to your guided meditation beneath the Destiny Stone on Tara, and it was amazing to finally stand on the sacred ground that held the stories of so much history on both sides of the Veil.
Now once again I ethereally travel with you, this time through your guided meditation to absorb the ancient Light encoded in the sacred stones and spirits in Loughcrew Cairns, a place of power and ceremony, a place to seek Healing and Wisdom.
Treasa, you have been chosen to give this wisdom an expression, a voice for Mother Earth that all may hear as she speaks through you, so these sacred mysteries are recorded and not forgotten and the knowledge that these places of ceremony still resonate with the active vibration of all that was, that can be, and still is.  And you serve her well!!
Your meditation guides, while upholding the integrity of the individual journey, you impose nothing as all good meditations should, for each connection with spirit is a personal one, one attuned to our individual resonance as every soul is sacred.
It is not by chance, that I journey through the Cairns of Loughcrew, or beneath the Destiny Stone on the Hill Of Tara, nor chance that you, a stranger then, gifted me a crystal skull that the Universal Light had told me would be gifted to me, nor by chance that by your sharing of information that we sat next to each other in a group in Ireland and experienced the awesome energy of one of the ancient Crystal Skulls ‘Synergy’and its keeper Sherry, who traveled here from Arizona.
And the catalyst in all of these experiences is you, and I am just one, one person who momentarily drifts in and out of contact with you, so never ever underestimate your light, for you are a true Light Walker.  Thank you Treasa!!!

Jenny Wilson  Crystal Healer


I have a couple of Treasa’s meditation cds & really like them all. This one is particularly interesting to me as Lough Crew is a very special & spiritual place I have always felt a deep connection with.  Treasa brings you on a beautiful journey through the Cairns.  It’s such a calming & intensely spiritual journey that allows you to reach a deep meditative state.
Treasa has a lovely soft voice that will gently guide you through the process to your inner planes in this ancient setting with a deep connection to our land, ancestors & Spirits. She really knows her stuff and has so much knowledge about the many Sacred Sites in Ireland.
I highly recommend this guided meditation to anyone at any level, particularly those with an interest in Irish Spirituality.

Anna Coote  FOI


Another beautiful grounding guided meditation Treasa, initially the drumming caught me but as I immersed myself into it,  your calming voice took me away to a forgotten time , which is always a pleasure in these modern times.  You can bring me an energy that I don’t always get with other meditations, have recommended this Loughcrew meditation to others.  Namaste .  PS….Keep them coming.

Mark Duffy

Loughcrew Spring Equinox Festival 2015

The Loughcrew Spring Equinox Festival 2015 runs from Friday evening 20th March to Sunday 22nd March at 6 p.m.  It features the premiere of the animated film ‘Conan and the Magical Light of Loughcrew’ on Friday evening in Oldcastle Cinema, dawn ceremonies both Saturday and Sunday at Carnbane East; talks and workshops all day Saturday at the newly opened Loughcrew Megalithic Centre and at Loughcrew House and Gardens on Sunday, as well as other activities.  All events are free unless otherwise stated.





Tlachtga on Digging for Ireland

The Tlachtga / Hill of Ward archaeological dig featured on BBC’s archaeological documentary ‘Digging for Ireland’.  Sacred Sites’ exclusive footage of the excavation of the infant skeleton is included.  You can watch the entire programme on YouTube.  The Tlachtga dig is around 37 minutes in.