3 CD Set Available for only €33

3 CD Set Available for only €33

Purchase all three Guided Meditation CDs in the Sacred Sites of Ireland series for a discount price of €33.00 inc. p&p worldwide (rrp €14.95 each) www.sacredsites.ie/shop

Visit the Hill of Tara, the ancient seat of the High Kings of Ireland, a magical and mystical place, sacred to the druids.  Connect energetically with a beech tree, journey into the faery realm with King Lugh and meet his people the Tuatha Dé Danann.

Introduction: 7.53   Guided Meditation:  40.58   Harp Instrumental:  11.43

Visit Uisneach, the hill of Balor where the first Bealtaine fires were lit in ancient times.  Home to the Dagda and Ériu and burial place of King Lugh of the Tuatha Dé Danann.  Light a sacred fire on top of the Hill of Uisneach and hold a rebirthing ceremony at the Cat Stone with the Goddess Ériu.

Introduction:  8.08   Guided Meditation:  35.39 Harp Instrumental:  8.53

Visit Loughcrew cairns, megalithic passage tombs on Slieve na Caillaigh, the Mountains of the Hag.  Meet the Ollamh Fodhla in Cairn T and fly with a raven to Cairn L to connect with the energy of the Cailleach, Spirit and the ancestors through the power of the white whispering stone and the sacred rock art.

Introduction:  8.08   Guided Meditation: 44.44   Shamanic Drumming: 22.22